BrickHeadz! Build your own figures

March 30, 2017

BrickHeadz! Build your own figures


Once they have been built, the BrickHeadz are 7 cm (2,7 inch) high. They are built with normal LEGO® bricks. A couple of them have the characteristic details of your favourite character. A jacket and a broad grim for the Joker™ and a detailed costume and helmet for Captain America. This figure perfectly resembles your favourite character.
Combine various LEGO® parts and create your own, unique BrickHeadz characters! The anatomy of a BrickHead is not very complicated; it’s all about details! So, try and combine!

In an article with clear pictures, Huw Millington (Brickset) explains the anatomy of a BrickHeadz. For the construction of the skeleton below parts are required. Give your imagination free play!

The legs have the size of a 1 x 2 brick. However, by using four 1 x 2 plates or combining it with a corner plate or use a brick with side-studs , you can create various colours and shapes.

The trunk consists of a 4 x 4 plate and an elevation of a 2 x 4 plate with two adjusted bricks with side-studs. These studs are the point of attachment for the arms. Front and back of the trunk consist of bricks, usually with a print, or corner plates for further construction. Of course it depends on which character you would like to build.

A simple arm consists of a 2 x 2 plate and a 1 x 2 adjusted plate. It can be extended by “muscles” or “bracelets”.

The head is the most wonderful challenge, as it allows you to characterize your figure and make it look like your favourite character. Yet, the basis of a head is pretty simple. Put 12 adjusted bricks with side-studs on a 4 x 4 plate or a variation. Fill the head with 2x2 bricks; a pink one for the brains!?
Use a layer of tiles or tile plates to colour the head. Put the eyes on the second row of studs from the bottom. Create a wonderful head of hair and put the skeleton some clothes on.

Get inspired by all kinds of examples, amongst others on Flickr.

Of course you will find all required LEGO® parts in the ToyPro Webshop

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