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Can I buy LEGO® minifigures separately? Yes, you can. Here you can find the LEGO® heroes from the different LEGO® themes.

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LEGO® minifig Dragon Wizard
LEGO Dragon Wizard
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LEGO® minifig Skeleton Warrior 1
LEGO Skeleton Warrior 1
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LEGO® minifig Green Princess
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LEGO Green Princess
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LEGO® minifig Lion Princess
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LEGO Lion Princess
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LEGO® Castle Minifigures

LEGO® has released many iconic themes over the years, but one of them is very special: LEGO® Castle. This medieval theme was first introduced in 1978 and has since amassed many fans around the world. An important part of this theme are the LEGO® Castle minifigures. These small, detailed dolls are an essential part of the LEGO® Castle experience and have great collectible value for fans. LEGO® Castle minifigs are available in a variety of variations. For example, there are knights, soldiers, archers, princesses and wizards. Each of these minifigs has its own unique design, with special accessories and details that set the character apart from other figures. For example, knights have armor, shields and swords, while wizards have their own magic wand and robes. These details make the minifigures not only fun to play with, but also to collect. One of the highlights of LEGO® Castle dolls is the variety of designs released over the years. In the 1980s and 1990s, the minifigures were mainly released in classic colors such as black, white and gray, but later more bold colors and designs were introduced. For example, there are minifigures with bright red and blue outfits, or with more detailed facial expressions and accessories. This allows fans to create their own unique LEGO® Castle environment.

Collecting LEGO® Castle figures.

In addition to the designs, the minifigures are also sought after for their collectible value. Special minifigures have been released in limited editions, such as the exclusive Queen and King released in honor of the 30th anniversary of the LEGO Castle theme. These rare figures are hugely popular among collectors and can have significant value. The LEGO® Castle minifigures are a timeless classic that is still loved by children and adults alike. Whether you are a fan of medieval history, fantasy or just LEGO®, there is always a minifigure to suit you.

Castle LEGO® loose parts

At ToyPro, the world of LEGO® Castle comes to life like never before with the ability to buy individual LEGO® parts from the LEGO® Castle sets. You can bring your own imagination to life by building your own unique LEGO® Castle creations. Do you want to build your own large castle or expand an existing one? ToyPro has a large assortment of loose LEGO® parts from the Castle sets. Combine parts from different sets and let your imagination run wild as you create your own LEGO® Castle world. From rare LEGO® parts to essential blocks, ToyPro has everything you need to create your own LEGO® structures and make your Castle LEGO® creations truly unique. Discover the endless possibilities of LEGO® Castle at ToyPro and let your imagination run wild!

Buy LEGO® Castle figures at ToyPro

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