LEGO® Monkie Kid

Monkie Kid is a newly launched LEGO® theme in May 2020 then based on an ancient Chinese legend about the Monkey King from the book 'The Journey to the West'. This book is one of the 4 classic novels of Chinese literature and was originally published at the end of the 16th century. In the Western world this legend is known as 'Monkey' and is about the Buddhist monk Xuánzàng. He is said to have made a pilgrimage to India during the Tang Dynasty to obtain religious Buddhist texts.

In 2020 this story continues. The heroes and villains of ancient legends suddenly appear in our modern world. Fate leads the boy named Monkey Kid, and a delivery man for a noodle store in China, to the ancient magical staff of the Monkey King. Monkie Kid turns out to be the chosen one and gets special powers. With these gifts, he and his friends must defeat the Demon King and his army. With these abilities, Monkey Kid enters the adventure and battle in a modern world full of mystery, fantasy and magic.

This is the first LEGO® theme inspired by Chinese folklore. Monkey Kid is a new legend about an ordinary boy who discovers what it takes to be a modern hero. With this sequel to 'The Journey to the West' LEGO® gives its own and new twist to the legend about the Monkey King.

The theme creates a world of traditional heroes and villains for a new generation of children. Monkie Kid is designed to stimulate creativity and resilience in children and is predestined to awaken the inner hero in your children.

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Parts list

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