LEGO® retired sets

The LEGO® group releases new, beautiful sets every year. At the same time, nice sets are disappearing from the collection. A set that is no longer produced by LEGO® is called end of life. An end of life set is also called a discontinued or retired set. This set can still be for sale, but the set is no longer made by LEGO®. Therefore it is sold as long as stores have the set in stock. If the last item is sold, you can no longer buy the set new.

Do you have a LEGO® set on your wish list? Then you shouldn’t wait too long when it is retired. To make it easy for you, you can see on the ToyPro website which sets from our collection are discontinued. In this way you won’t be surprised if the set you still wanted is no longer for sale. Do you want to know an overview of retired LEGO® Star Wars sets? You can find it here!

If a discontinued set is really no longer (new) for sale, then you could still build it with loose parts. At our website you can see which parts and minifigures are included with each set. You can also download the building instructions for that set for free.

In addition, you can see which of those LEGO® parts we currently have in stock. It is of course possible that you already have some of these LEGO® bricks in your home. Then you only have to order those parts that you don't have yet. ToyPro has a collection of more than 20,000 different LEGO® bricks and more than 4,000 unique LEGO® minifigures.

Parts list

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