What is a LEGO MOC set?

May 3, 2018

What is a LEGO MOC set?


LEGO® MOC stands for LEGO® My Own Creation, or My Own Creation. LEGO® MOCs are not official LEGO® sets designed and built by LEGO® fans.

A standard LEGO® set is released by LEGO® itself. You can buy this in total in a box including instructions which explain step by step how you can build the LEGO® set. However, you also have LEGO® sets that have been designed and built by fans themselves. These are called LEGO® MOC sets or just LEGO® MOCs.

With LEGO® you can really make or recreate everything. Under AFOLs, or adult LEGO® fans, there is a lively culture for building MOCs. This ranges from the imitation of a complete street to the rebuilding of aircraft and helicopters, such as the Apache AH-64 helicopter MOC that our fan Michael Brown made recently.

How to build a LEGO® MOC set

You can design or design a LEGO® MOC yourself. We assume that you are not a designer and you want to build an existing MOC set. On the Rebrickable website you will find many beautiful MOC sets, such as Star War MOC sets, sports car MOC sets and LEGO® MOCs based on famous buildings. On Rebrickable you can buy and download the manual of a MOC set, so that you know how to build the set.


The building parts of a LEGO® MOC set are not packed in a nice box like an official LEGO® set. To build a MOC set you will have to order all parts individually. Fortunately, Rebrickable also has a handy solution for this. You can check per MOC set which online LEGO® store has all individual parts for that MOC set. You can compare the total price of the individual parts per store as well.

LEGO® MOC sets show the great power of LEGO®. On the one hand you have the building blocks to (re)make all kinds of creations. On the other hand, LEGO® fans can use their creativity to design and build MOC sets. Finally, we do give a warning, because building LEGO® MOCs can be very addictive.

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