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LEGO® 75546 Les Minions dans le laboratoire de Gru
19,99 €
LEGO Les Minions dans le laboratoire de Gru
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LEGO® 75547 Le pilote Minion aux commandes
34,99 €
LEGO Le pilote Minion aux commandes
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LEGO® 75550 Le combat de kung-fu des Minions
35,99 € 39,99 €
LEGO Le combat de kung-fu des Minions
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LEGO® 75549 La course-poursuite en moto
19,99 €
LEGO La course-poursuite en moto
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LEGO® Minions sets

The Minions movies are fun for young and old, and the same goes for the LEGO® Minions sets. LEGO® introduced this theme in 2020 with 2 fun building sets. Of course, the characters from the Despicable Me movies also play the main roles in the first sets. You will find the villain Gru, and the Minions Bob, Stuart and Kevin. Although they look cheerful, Minions are the helpers of super villains on Earth. Fortunately, these criminals are not all equally malicious. For example, supervillain Gru would love to be a villain, but he also has his soft sides. This also makes the funny Minions a lot more sympathetic. In the sets you can act out scenes from the Despicable Me movies. For example, replay a motorcycle chase from the movie Minions: The rise of Gru. In addition to a lot of building pleasure, these sets also offer a lot of playing fun. Since many children and adults like the movies, these sets are ideal for parents with children. However, they are recommended for anyone who is a fan of the Minions.

Order LEGO® Minions sets

ToyPro has a wide collection of LEGO® Minions sets. The latest sets are released quickly in our online store and can also be pre-ordered regularly. In addition to complete sets, you can also buy the individual parts of a set in our LEGO® shop. Have you lost a LEGO® brick or are you building your own creation? ToyPro has a huge collection of more than 20,000 different LEGO® pieces. This way you will always find the part you are looking for. We deliver quickly and if something goes wrong during your order, our customer service will solve it quickly. With every order of loose parts and minifigures you also save ToyPro credits that you can use for a nice discount on your next purchase.

LEGO® Minions minifigures

Don’t you want to buy the complete set, but the loose figures from Minions building sets? Yes, that is also possible with ToyPro! Do you want Gru, Bob, Stuart, Kevin or all of them? In our online store you can buy just those LEGO® Minions figures that you want. ToyPro is the number 1 LEGO® shop for loose minifigures. We stock over 3,500 unique minifgs and are expanding our collection every day. On the product page of a set, you can see which minifigures and parts are in that set. Do you know the ID of the LEGO® minifig you're looking for? On our website you can search by IDs and specific search terms of minifigures.

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