Gift cards

Are you looking for a nice gift for a LEGO® enthusiast, but you don't know exactly what to give? Then choose the ToyPro gift voucher; the ideal gift for every LEGO® fan! This allows the receiver to choose from hundreds of different LEGO® sets, thousands of unique LEGO® mini-figures and lots and lots of original LEGO® parts in our store and webshop. With the ToyPro gift voucher you make every LEGO® fanatic happy from young to old.

How do I buy a gift voucher?

The button gift voucher you bring you to the different values for the gift vouchers that Toypro offers. State the number of vouchers that you want for a particular value. By clicking the add button, you add the gift voucher(s) to your shopping basket. This way you can order one or more vouchers - with or without different values - in one go.
If you want to give your friend a gift of € 150, you buy for example one voucher of € 100 and one voucher of € 50.

If you have made your choice and put the desired gift vouchers in your shopping basket, then you continue to pay in the usual way. The only difference is that you do not save Credits on the purchase of gift vouchers.

How and when do I receive the gift voucher?

If you only have (one or more) gift vouchers in your order, you will receive the gift voucher almost immediately after completing your order. You will get them by e-mail at the address you provided.

If you have ordered other products in addition to the gift voucher (s) - such as a LEGO® set, LEGO® mini-figures or individual LEGO® parts - your entire order will be shipped at once. The moment the other items of your order are transferred to the carrier, you will receive your gift voucher (s) by email.

What does the gift voucher look like?

The e-mail with which the gift voucher is delivered contains a PDF of the gift voucher. The gift voucher has an A4 size and is designed in such a way that, printed and zigzag, it fits exactly in an elongated envelope (EA5 / 6 or DINlong).

How do I give the gift card as a gift?

You can print the PDF of the gift voucher yourself and hand it over personally to the recipient. Of course the PDF also lends itself for electronic transmission of the gift voucher to the recipient. Hang the PDF as an attachment in a thank-you or birthday email, and surprise the recipient with a nice gift.

How long is the gift voucher valid?

The ToyPro gift voucher is valid for 5 years. The final return date is stated on the gift card.

How do I spend the gift voucher?

You can use the ToyPro gift voucher within the validity period when purchasing in the ToyPro webshop. You can combine multiple gift vouchers for a nicer, larger gift.

When ordering in the ToyPro webshop you use the value of the gift voucher (s) by entering the gift code (s) of the voucher (s) in the shopping basket.

Do I have to spend the gift voucher in one go?

No that is not necessary. If you spend less on your gift than the value of the gift voucher, the remainder of the value with the same gift code remains available for a subsequent order within the validity period of the gift voucher.

Can I return the gift voucher?

The buyer of the voucher can return an unused gift voucher, after submitting the purchase invoice, within 14 days of purchase. Please contact our customer service to let know that you want to cancel your order. We will arrange your cancellation immediately. How long it takes before you receive the money depends on how you paid. However, it will never last longer than a few days.
You don't have to give a reason for canceling your order, but we would appreciate it if you did. This can help us to make ToyPro even better.

The recipient of the gift voucher cannot exchange the voucher for cash. Your credit will be refunded to your gift voucher if you cancel an order that you have paid with a gift voucher.

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