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Can I buy LEGO® minifigures separately? Yes, you can. Here you can find the LEGO® heroes from the different LEGO® themes.

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LEGO® minifig Foreman Pig
LEGO Foreman Pig
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LEGO® minifig Pilot Pig
LEGO Pilot Pig
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LEGO® minifig Red
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LEGO® minifig Red
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LEGO® minifig Biker Pig
LEGO Biker Pig
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Angry Birds™ minifigs

The world of LEGO® has always been one of imagination, creativity and endless possibilities. And with the addition of Angry Birds figures to the LEGO® universe, building has become even more exciting. Whether you're an avid gamer, a fan of the iconic toy, or both, the LEGO® Angry Birds minifigures are a must-have for any fan. The minifigures are based on the beloved characters from the popular mobile game Angry Birds. From Red, the evil bird leader, to King Pig, the villainous mastermind, each Angry Bird minifig is a perfect representation of the characters from the game. Each minifigure comes with its own unique accessory, such as Red's slingshot, Bomb's fuse, Chuck's speed boost and King Pig's crown. These accessories bring the characters to life, making them even more fun to play and collect.

Angry Birds by LEGO®: collect them all

Not only do the minifigures offer endless hours of playtime fun, but they also serve as great building tools. With the addition of the minifigures, children and adults can reenact their favorite scenes from the game, or invent their own new adventures. Whether you're building an elaborate pig castle, or letting angry birds loose on it, the possibilities are endless. In addition to being excellent toys, the LEGO® Angry Birds dolls are also a great collectible. With a limited number of each character available, fans are eager to collect them all. Whether for collecting or playing with, these minifigures are a must-have for any fan of both LEGO® and Angry Birds. The LEGO® Angry Birds minifigures are thus a perfect combination of gaming and building. Featuring iconic characters from the game, and the endless possibilities that come with LEGO® building, these Angry Birds LEGO® figures are sure to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. So whether you're a fan of Angry Birds, LEGO®, or both, be sure to get your hands on these indispensable minifigures.

Collecting LEGO® Angry Birds minifigures.

Have you lost a LEGO® Angry Birds minifigure, are you building your own creation for which you need LEGO® Angry Birds minifigs, or do you just want that one LEGO® Angry Birds minifigure? At ToyPro, you can also buy individual LEGO® Angry Birds figures. We have a large collection of unique figures from the LEGO® Angry Birds theme . Order only the LEGO® Angry Birds minifigures you want. Do you already have all LEGO® Angry Birds minifigures?

Buy LEGO® Angry Birds sets

Unfortunately, the LEGO® Angry Birds sets are no longer for sale at But of course you can still view the sets and look up which parts and minifigures were in the set in order to collect everything together to still be able to build the set. You can also view free instructions for the Angry Birds sets via our website.

Order LEGO® Angry Birds parts

Have you lost a part of your LEGO® Angry Birds set? Or would you like to buy extra parts in addition to your LEGO® Angry Birds dolls? Or did a part break down due to lots of playing? Not to worry, chances are we also have that missing loose part. On the LEGO® parts page you can type in the number of the set whose parts you're missing, so you can easily find all the parts included in that set. You can also search by color, LEGO® ID number or name of the part. We also have the original LEGO® stickers of most LEGO® Angry Birds sets. You can also find these by typing in the set number on our parts page. This way you can make your LEGO® Angry Birds set complete again!

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