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LEGO® minifig Princess Tamina
LEGO Princess Tamina
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LEGO® minifig Dastan
LEGO Dastan
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LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigures

LEGO® Prince of Persia is a popular theme inspired by the video game series of the same name. Launched in 2010, these playsets were developed in collaboration between LEGO® and Ubisoft, the creators of Prince of Persia. The LEGO® Prince of Persia sets allow children and fans of the video game to bring their favorite characters and scenes to life in a fun and imaginative way. The LEGO® Prince of Persia line consists of sets that recreate iconic locations and characters from the video game series. These sets include detailed and colorful models of the world of Prince of Persia, such as the Palace of Azad, Hassansin's hideout and the Horse Rider Battle. Each set includes a variety of Prince of Persia dolls, vehicles and accessories that bring the world of Prince of Persia to life in a fun and interactive way.

The minifigures in the LEGO® Prince of Persia sets are highly detailed and accurately depict the characters from the video game. The sets also include various weapons and accessories, such as swords, scimitars and shields, which children can use to reenact exciting battles and adventures. The sets are designed to encourage imaginative play and creativity, and children can use the LEGO® prince of persia minifigures to create their own unique stories and adventures in the Prince of Persia world.

The LEGO® Prince of Persia sets are also highly collectible, with many fans looking to add to their collection of sets and minifigures. The sets are designed to be fun and easy to build, making them suitable for children of all ages. They are also a great way for fans of the Prince of Persia video game series to bring their favorite characters and locations to life in a tangible and fun way.

In conclusion, LEGO® Prince of Persia is a fun and imaginative toy line that brings the world of the popular video game to life in a unique and engaging way. Whether you are a fan of the video game series, a collector of LEGO® sets, or just looking for fun and creative toys to play with, the LEGO® Prince of Persia sets are sure to provide hours of fun.

Collecting LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigures

Have you lost a LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigure, are you building your own creation for which you need LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigures or do you just want that one LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigure? At ToyPro you can also buy the individual LEGO® Prince of Persia figures. We have a large collection of unique figures from the LEGO® pirate theme . Order only the LEGO® Prince of Persia figures that you want. For example, do you already have all LEGO® Prince of Persia minifigures? These are issued in different sets but you can of course order them separately at ToyPro.

Buy LEGO® Prince of Persia

Unfortunately there are currently no LEGO® Prince of Persia sets available anymore but you can of course see on our website which parts and minifigures were included in the sets. So you can still order the loose LEGO® parts and collect the Prince of Persia LEGO® minifigures. So take another look among the LEGO® sets that are out of stock and you can still make the pirate sets you like.

Order LEGO® Prince of Persia parts

Have you lost a part of your LEGO® Prince of Persia set? Or would you like to buy extra parts in addition to your LEGO® Prince of Persia dolls? Or did a part break down due to lots of playing? Not to worry, chances are we have that missing loose part, too. On the LEGO® parts page you can type in the number of the set you're missing parts from, so you can easily find all the parts that are in that set. You can also search by color, LEGO® ID number or name of the part. We also have the original LEGO® stickers of most LEGO® Prince of Persia sets. You can also find these by typing in the set number on our parts page. This way you can make your LEGO® Prince of Persia set complete again!

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