Earn ToyPro Credits

For each purchase (LEGO sets excluded) you will receive ToyPro Credits, “loyalty points” you can use to (partially) pay your next order. For each Euro you spend on the ToyPro Website you will get 5 cents in ToyPro Credits. You can use the ToyPro Credits in units of 5 Euro. For example, if you have earned 12 Euro in Credits, you can immediately use 10 Euro to pay towards your next order.

You can check your number of ToyPro Credits by logging in. For this, click on the link “My account” on top of the page or in the menu on your smartphone.

You must log in to use the ToyPro credits. In the shopping cart you can select the option to pay with your credits. These credits will be deducted from the total amount of your new order.
ToyPro credits can never be cashed.

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