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Starting around the year 2000, LEGO® discovered that their building blocks weren't just toys for kids. Many adults that grew up playing with LEGO® still loved them. So the company started to design and market sets specifically for adults, designating them as 18+. A lot of these sets were huge and had thousands of parts.

Around 2009 ToyPro's founders picked up on this trend. We started buying the big sets and became what's called AFOLs (Adult Fans Of LEGO®). Unfortunately, some of the iconic sets were already sold out. We tried to get the parts for these sets so we could still build them. This wasn't easy. You could find them online, but getting several thousand parts needed for a set like the Millenium Falcon meant ordering from dozens of sellers. This could take months and sometimes the quality of the bricks wasn't very good.

We decided there was a business opportunity and founded ToyPro at the beginning of 2012. Our goal was to have the widest selection of LEGO® parts available online. That way anyone in need of LEGO® bricks would most likely be able to get them from one dependable online store: ToyPro. This was not an easy task, since there are thousands and thousands of different LEGO® bricks and that number keeps on growing.

Today, ToyPro has over 20,000 different LEGO® replacement parts in stock and over 3,500 unique minifigures. Our website is available in six different languages and we ship to customers all over the world from warehouses in Pennsylvania and Europe. To date, we have shipped well over 1 million orders. Our customer satifisfaction rate is very high.

Buying from Toypro in most cases means that you don't have to go anywhere else. This saves a lot in shipping costs. It also saves you time in finding the parts you need and waiting for your LEGO® parts to arrive from different vendors. You can also count on ToyPro's amazing customer service if there is a problem with your order, or if you have questions.

In 2022 ToyPro will be in business for 10 years. We thank all of our customers for their continued support and will keep on doing everything we can to serve them with the widest selection of LEGO® bricks and LEGO® minifigures on the planet.

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