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LEGO® minifig Captain Ace Speedman
LEGO Captain Ace Speedman
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LEGO® minifig Captain Ace Speedman
LEGO Captain Ace Speedman
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LEGO® minifig Axel Storms
LEGO Axel Storms
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LEGO® Atlantis minifigures

LEGO® Atlantis minifigures is a line of collectible figures inspired by the mythical underwater world of Atlantis. The LEGO® Atlantis theme is centered around a team of underwater adventurers on a quest to explore the lost city of Atlantis and recover its treasures. The LEGO® Atlantis minifigures are specially designed to reflect this aquatic adventure. Each minifigure is unique and comes with its own set of accessories and weapons. These detailed LEGO® Atlantis minifigures to collect have become popular among LEGO fans and collectors alike. The Atlantis minifigures are still in limited supply.

About LEGO® Atlantis

The LEGO® Atlantis theme was released in 2010. The Atlantis theme is a popular and unique sub-theme within the LEGO® brand. Inspired by the mythical underwater world of Atlantis, it features a range of highly detailed minifigures, sets and accessories. With these, fans can explore the depths of the ocean and discover the secrets of this legendary city. The theme also stood out for its use of vibrant colors, bringing the underwater world of Atlantis to life in a fun way. The theme has become a favorite among LEGO® fans and collectors, and despite being taken out of production, it continues to inspire new fans with its imaginative designs and stories. Consequently, the Loose LEGO® parts, minifigures and sets of Atlantis remain in high demand to this day.

Buy LEGO® Atlantis figures

Are you looking for LEGO® Atlantis figures to complete your collection? Then ToyPro is the right place for you. Here you will find a large assortment of minifigures. On our LEGO® Atlantis figures page you will find all kinds of characters from the Atlantis submarine discovery team, like Captain Ace Speedman. Led by Captain Ace Speedman, the divers encounter all kinds of sea monsters like the Squid, Shark and Manta Fighters during their search for the Golden King. Loose LEGO® Atlantis minifigures are perfect for building your own undersea exploration world.

LEGO® Atlantis loose parts.

The LEGO® Atlantis theme released in 2010 and 2011 includes not only new minifigures such as the warriors and Captain Ace Speedman, but also new accessories that can be used for all LEGO® dolls. These parts of LEGO® Atlantis include various underwater equipment, such as headgear and suitable LEGO® shoes for underwater use. Parts such as goggles, flippers and flippers with which the minifigures can explore the depths of the ocean can therefore all be found at ToyPro. The parts are highly detailed and can be used for all other minifigures, allowing LEGO® fans to create their own unique underwater adventure.

Buy LEGO® Atlantis at ToyPro

In addition to Atlantis minifigures, LEGO® has also released a series of LEGO® Atlantis sets. These sets are designed to recreate the underwater world of Atlantis and include various vehicles and buildings, such as submarines, underwater temples and sunken ships. Each set comes with its own unique set of minifigures and accessories, all of which are also available separately from ToyPro. LEGO® Atlantis sets are known for their attention to detail and intricate designs. They are a true collectible for all LEGO® fans. Whether you are a true LEGO® collector or a new fan, the LEGO® Atlantis sets and minifigures offer a unique and exciting way to explore the lost city of Atlantis.

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