LEGO X Epoxy

January 26, 2023

LEGO X Epoxy


Would you like to do something different with LEGO® for once? Or would you like to incorporate your hobby into your interior? How about casting LEGO® or Lego® parts in epoxy resin. In any case, we have already tried it out and we already like the results. Do pay attention to the safety instructions and protection that are required when working with epoxy resin! And pay close attention to how to process the epoxy resin. (In this, unfortunately, we cannot offer any support) Also, be sure to use the right epoxy resin because there are quite a few differences. For instance, some epoxy resin can be poured thicker than others or some can withstand UV radiation better than others.

Side table


First we started making a side table and chose a table with a raised edge so the resin can't run off and you don't have to make a formwork. (Nice and simple, in other words.) And then the idea, what am I going to pour into the resin? Now we do have some blue Technic pins lying around, and so we came up with the idea of making a sea with various sea creatures, shells and some coral. After we had everything in place how we liked it, we could pour the first layer to secure everything in place. This is necessary so that the LEGO® parts don't float. Once that was then fully cured, the next layer could be poured. And depending on the epoxy resin chosen, this can be done in one or more passes. When that layer or layers are then fully cured, you will have a unique and exclusive LEGO® table of your own. How cool is that!

Minifigure lamp


While we were working on the little table, we came up with lots of other ideas to make. So we also made a LEGO® minifigure lamp. We took an LED light from our loose lighting parts and cast it solidly in the epoxy resin. We used a Minifigure mold as a mould. Unfortunately, we could only use it once because we did not use any special means to ensure that the Epoxy resin would not stick to the plastic. If you do this then in theory you should be able to use the mould more often.

So as you can see, you can make lots of fun things to show or display LEGO® in a different way. We are therefore very curious to see what ideas you will come up with. Be sure to let us know if you have made something.

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If you also want to give this MOC or one of your own creations real lighting, take a look among our loose lighting parts. And put the LEGO® construction in the spotlight. So you can enjoy your LEGO® models during the day and also at night. Would you like to know what is possible with the loose lighting parts? Then read our article back: Light up as you see fit.

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