The Year of the Rabbit

January 27, 2023



The year 2023 is the year of the rabbit in China. And together with LEGO®, we at ToyPro are celebrating this Chinese New Year with the fun LEGO® 40575 set "The Year of the Rabbit". We are giving this special set worth €9.99 to you as a gift when you place an order of at least €79.99 worth of LEGO® sets, parts and/or minifigs.


This sweet LEGO® rabbit, consists of 194 lego parts. You can put the rabbit on a display after building it and in the package you will also find an envelope. In the envelope you can put money if you gift the set to someone. This is, in fact, the tradition in China. They give an envelope with money to the one they love.

Conditions "The Year of the Rabbit" promotion

You will receive this action set with an order from €79.99 excluding shipping of LEGO® sets, parts and/or minifigures placed between 27 January 2023 at 00:00 GMT+1 and 12 February 2023 at 23:59 GMT+1. We have 400 copies to give away, so don't wait too long, because gone = gone.

About Chinese astrology

Your Chinese horoscope is determined by the year you were born. But this date does not fall on the same day in every year. Chinese astrology is thousands of years old and has an even longer history than the Western system of constellations. Even today, Chinese astrology is immensely popular and visitors love to read what their Chinese horoscope is.

Western constellations are based on the months of the year, but Chinese astrology assumes a 12-year cycle and is based on the lunar calendar. Each sign is represented by an animal. People born under this sign, according to Chinese wisdom, would also adopt certain characteristics of this animal.

According to legend, Buddha chose these 12 animals. On his deathbed, he invited all the animals to come and say goodbye. Only 12 animals showed up. In gratitude, he gave them an eternal place in the Chinese zodiac.

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