LEGO® Castle sets

Do you want to build a LEGO® castle set? You can find castles in various themes like Disney, Harry Potter, Super Mario and Hidden Side. On this page we have listed all LEGO® castles for sale, such as the iconic LEGO® Hogwarts Castle and LEGO® Frozen castle. If you are looking for LEGO® Castle instructions, then you can find them on the product page of a set.

LEGO® Castle minifigures and parts

Have you lost a piece and are you looking for a spare part? Do you want to build your own MOC, for example a real LEGO® knights castle? ToyPro is the number 1 online store for loose LEGO® parts. We have more than 20,000 unique bricks in stock and you can order just those pieces you need. We also offer loose LEGO® castle figures. If you want a specific minifig from a set, but don’t want to buy the complete building set, ToyPro is the place to go.

The theme LEGO® Castle

LEGO® castle was also an official theme from 1987 till 1991, and the name was also used for various LEGO® environments before and after that period. Other environments such as Knights Kingdom were also introduced within this environment. The very first castle minifigures, 3 knights, were introduced back in 1978. 375 Castle, also called the yellow castle and a legendary building set, was also launched that year. Those castles cannot be compared with the modern LEGO® castles. The first more realistic LEGO® castles were launched in 1984.

Parts list

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