LEGO® Ninjago minifigures

Do you like adventure, mystery and action? Then the Ninjago theme is for you! In the Ninjago universe, the ninjas fight evil.
The Ninjago theme was introduced by LEGO® in January 2011. This theme builds on the earlier Ninja theme.
Ninjago revolves around the young ninjas: Cole, Jay, Kai and Zane. They have all been trained by Master Sensei Wu to protect the island of Ninjago from evil forces. Every season there is a new episode. There are now 11 seasons, each with their own story and corresponding building sets.

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The ninja degrees of the minifigures of Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane and Nya can be recognized by their outfit. Ninja students only wear a sash with the symbol for their strength. If the student tamed his first dragon, he becomes DX Ninja and wears a dragon robe (a spitting dragon is depicted on the torso).

The next degree is Kendo Ninja. The Kendo uniform consists of a helmet and armor. As a ZX, Ninja wears the ninjas shoulder protectors with their scabbard for the Katanas. If the ninja uses the pure energy of his element he will appear as a NRG Ninja. In addition to these variants, there are also the Kimon, the Techno and a few other outfits.

There are also the desired variants on the side of the bad guys. In addition to the Skulkin skeleton army, there is the Stone Army, the Serpentine, the Nindroids, the Ghosts Warriors and the Sky Pirates.

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