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Besides LEGO® parts and LEGO® minifigures, does ToyPro also have LEGO® sets? Yes, we do, both the semi-annual seasonal collection and also special LEGO® building sets.

Use the themes below to refine the number of sets found. Or use the search function to find a building kit directly.

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LEGO® 41728 Heartlake Downtown Diner
LEGO Heartlake Downtown Diner
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LEGO® 41755 Nova's Room
LEGO Nova's Room
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LEGO® 41729 Organic Grocery Store
LEGO Organic Grocery Store
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LEGO® 41727 Dog Rescue Centre
LEGO Dog Rescue Centre
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LEGO® 41730 Autumn's House
LEGO Autumn's House
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LEGO® 41738 Dog Rescue Bike
LEGO Dog Rescue Bike
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LEGO® 41731 Heartlake International School
LEGO Heartlake International School
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LEGO® 41741 Dog Rescue Van
LEGO Dog Rescue Van
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LEGO® 41723 Doughnut Shop
LEGO Doughnut Shop
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LEGO® 41739 Liann's Room
LEGO Liann's Room
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LEGO® 41751 Skatepark
LEGO Skatepark
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LEGO® 41724 Paisley's House
LEGO Paisley's House
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LEGO® 41740 Aliya's Room
LEGO Aliya's Room
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LEGO® 41733 Mobile Bubble Tea Shop
LEGO Mobile Bubble Tea Shop
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LEGO® 41726 Holiday Camping Trip
LEGO Holiday Camping Trip
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LEGO® Friends, expect adventures

The besties of LEGO® Friends live and discover the world from Heartlake City. There they go to the swimming pool, go to the animal clinic with their horses and build their tree house. In a cheerful and colorful environment they go on an adventure and meet their other friends. The girls are quite curious! What adventure are you going to experience with them? LEGO® Friends has been on the market since 2012. At ToyPro you will find many LEGO® Friends construction sets; not only the newest LEGO® sets but also LEGO® end-off-live sets that go off the market. With this cheerful theme, many new colors have also been added to the LEGO® color palette, such as a few purple hues and a green-blue color, azure. The LEGO® Friends theme has also added many new LEGO® Friends accessoires (such as bows, bags and pans) and LEGO® animals (such as horses, dolphins and dogs) to the range. All these parts are available separately from ToyPro. Handy if you have lost a part or want to replace it! ToyPro has a collection of more than 20,000 different LEGO® bricks and more than 4,000 unique LEGO® minifigures.

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