LEGO® Friends, meet the girls

Welcome to Heartlake City! The LEGO® Friends Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma en Stephanie live here. The girls from LEGO® Friends are always open to meet new friends. For example, have you already met LEGO® Friend Danielle? She loves to bake and makes the most delicious cakes. Or LEGO® Friend Matthew? He likes to paint. Or Naya, who meet the best friends at the Juice Bar in Heartlake? Of course you also have to meet Olivia's parent, Anna and Peter. Will you become their new best friend?

With the introduction of the LEGO® Friends theme, LEGO® has also added a differently shaped mini-figure to its collection. These small dolls are less angular than the traditional LEGO® figures; they have a more natural shape. At ToyPro you can purchase a lot of Friends minifigs separately. The Friends dolls are 5 millimeters larger and, just like the traditional minifigures, consist of at least 4 LEGO® parts: legs, torso, head and hair or headgear. But don't forget the LEGO® Friends accessoires. You can buy these as a separate parts at ToyPro. Handy if you have lost a part or want to replace it!

Parts list