LEGO® Technic sets

LEGO® Technic is the theme for those who want to go a step further. The sets from this theme mimic the functionality from reality and the sets look more and more like the real vehicles. You will find LEGO® (sports) cars, forklifts, cranes and trucks in this theme, among other things.

LEGO® introduced the first Technic sets in 1977 when it named this category Technic Sets. In 1982, LEGO® changed the name to LEGO® Technic. From the beginning, Technic creations had electric motors that have evolved over the years. In 2007 LEGO® introduced the Power Functions system, consisting of 2 motors, two IR receivers, remote control and battery box.

ToyPro offers a wide range of LEGO® Technic sets. Do you want to design a technical set yourself? In our range you will find more than 1,600 unique LEGO® Technic parts, such as axes, connectors, gears and couplings.

Parts list

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