LEGO® City minifigures

City LEGO® minifigures come in all shapes and sizes. For example, you have the LEGO® City construction workers who build and maintain the city. Brave police figures ensure that the LEGO® crooks are caught. If there is a fire in the city, the LEGO® fire brigade will ensure that it will be quickly extinguished. In addition, there are also baristas, drivers, chefs and dentists in LEGO® City. Outside of the city, LEGO® polar explorers and astronauts are at work. Meet the different categories of minifigures in the LEGO® City theme.

LEGO® Town minifigures

Various figures from the city life can be found in the LEGO® Town minifigs category. These can be all kinds of minifigs. Not just police officers or firefighters, but also hikers, personal trainers, camera women and even bodybuilders. If you are looking for a LEGO® City figure and it does not fall under the following categories, chances are you will find your minifig among the LEGO® town minifigures. View our LEGO® Town minifigs.

LEGO® Construction minifigures

Sometimes you want to strengthen your city with some tough construction workers. You can find them in the category LEGO® construction minifigs. In addition to construction workers, you will also find engineers and other technicians in this category. View LEGO® construction minifigs.

LEGO® Airport minifigures

For every proper LEGO® city, an airport is a must have. The figures in this sub-theme ensure that the airport keeps running. You will find pilots, ground crew and passengers in this category. View LEGO® Airport minifigs.

LEGO® Space minifigures

We fly a little further, because the LEGO® figures from space also fall under the LEGO® City theme. Explore the universe with astronauts, scientists and space robots. View LEGO® Space minifigs.

LEGO® Coast guard minifigures

Is your city by the sea or on a large lake? Then the LEGO® Coast Guard minifigs ensure enforcement and safety on the water. This way, a minifig will never drown in your city. View LEGO® Coast guard minifigs.

LEGO® Arctic minifigs

It's time to get out of the city and go on an expedition. The polar explorers from the sub-theme LEGO® City arctic are well prepared to go exploring with their thick clothing. View LEGO® Arctic minifigs.

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