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Can I buy LEGO® minifigures separately? Yes, you can. Here you can find the LEGO® heroes from the different LEGO® themes.

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LEGO® minifig Dr. Raymond "Ray" Stantz - No Proton Pack
LEGO Dr. Raymond "Ray" Stantz - No Proton Pack
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LEGO® minifig Dr. Raymond "Ray" Stantz - with Proton Pack
LEGO Dr. Raymond "Ray" Stantz - with Proton Pack
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Ghostbusters figures

LEGO® Ghostbusters figures are a highly sought-after collectible for fans of the iconic film as well as LEGO® building sets. Released in 2016 to coincide with the reboot of the Ghostbusters movie, LEGO® Ghostbusters minifigures include highly detailed and accurate renderings of Ghostbusters characters Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore. In addition to the main characters, you can also find LEGO® minifigures of some of the other characters from the movie at ToyPro, such as the ghostly villain Rowan and the receptionist Kevin. With their distinctive design and attention to detail, LEGO® Ghostbusters figures make a great addition to any LEGO® collection.

Collecting LEGO® Ghostbusters minifigures.

Each LEGO® Ghostbusters minifigure has unique accessories and details that make them stand out. For example, the different characters come with a proton pack and a ghost trap. The Ghostbusters minifigures also have highly detailed facial expressions and body designs that reflect the personalities of the characters from the film. One of the most unique features of the LEGO® Ghostbusters figures is the way they can be combined with other sets and minifigures. The LEGO® Ghostbusters themselves can be added to the LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car set, while the ghost minifigures can be used in other LEGO® sets to create terrifying scenes and spooky environments. In addition, you can also find the matching LEGO® lights for the Ecto-1 car set at ToyPro. All in all, the LEGO® Ghostbusters minifigures complement the LEGO® collection of any LEGO® Ghostbusters fan.

Order Ghostbusters LEGO® parts.

LEGO® Ghostbusters figures and sets have become hugely popular. With so many different parts and accessories in the sets, it can be difficult to tie up the specific parts you need to complete your collection or customize your own creations. Fortunately, ToyPro offers the ability to order individual LEGO® parts. This makes it easy to find the accessories, weapons and other parts you need. Ordering loose LEGO® Ghostbusters figures and parts from ToyPro is a great way to add something to your collection without having to buy an entire set. It's also a great option for fans who want to build their own Ghostbusters adventures. With the option to order individual parts, the possibilities are endless.

LEGO® Ghostbusters sets.

Are you looking for a complete LEGO® Ghostbusters set instead of individual parts? Then you can also order them online at ToyPro. Our website offers a wide selection of Ghostbusters sets, including the iconic Ecto-1 car and Ghostbusters headquarters. Do you have questions about our selection of LEGO® Ghostbusters? Get in touch with us. Our team of LEGO enthusiasts is ready to answer any questions and help you find the products you're looking for. Whether you are a long-time LEGO® collector or a casual fan looking to expand a LEGO® collection, ToyPro is the place to buy LEGO® Ghostbusters figures, sets and parts.

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