DOTS is a new LEGO® theme that is completely different from any other LEGO® categories. DOTS sets are not your classic building sets, but LEGO® for jewelry and decoration. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about this new amazing theme.

What is LEGO® DOTS?

DOTS are not the ordinary LEGO® bricks that we all know, but so-called LEGO® tiles. These are colorful, small parts that can be clicked on somewhere. With the tiles you can make your own decorations any way you want. LEGO® has created new bracelets, pencil holders, photo frames and jewelry boxes that you can decorate completely with LEGO® DOTS. You can’t build LEGO® DOTS tiles on top of each other (at least not right now).

With LEGO® DOTS kids and adults can be creative. With DOTS you can create whole mosaics and create your own LEGO® art.

LEGO® DOTS is a truly innovative theme that will hopefully make a new target group enthusiastic about LEGO®. The first LEGO® DOTS sets can be viewed below.

Order loose LEGO® DOTS tiles and parts

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Parts list

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