ToyPro Gift Card

The holidays are coming. Time to give presents. Don't know which fun LEGO® kit to choose? Or do you doubt which cool LEGO® minifigures it should be? Or, just no time !? Then here is the solution: the one and only LEGO® gift voucher from ToyPro.

With the ToyPro gift voucher the recipient has maximum freedom; choose from hundreds of LEGO® building sets, thousands of LEGO® minifigures or lots and lots of extra LEGO® parts for your own creation. There is always something for the recipient of the ToyPro gift voucher.
You can already buy a ToyPro gift card for €7.50. For the big giver there is also a €100 voucher. And everything in between. Compile the value of your gift yourself by combining multiple coupons.

The gift voucher(s) can be used both in the store and in the webshop.

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