LEGO® Technic pieces

Technic is the theme for LEGO® fans who like to build ingenious, moving sets. LEGO® Technic creations are full of inventive building techniques that simulate reality. LEGO® Technic is therefore an advanced theme, but also suitable for slightly older children with an interest in technology.

At ToyPro you will find a wide collection of LEGO® Technic sets with which you can build cars (including super cars), trucks, ships, cranes and helicopters.

Order technical LEGO® parts

Have you lost a piece? At ToyPro you can buy LEGO® Technic new parts in addition to complete sets. We have a range of more than 1600 different Technic LEGO® bricks. Not sure which part you are missing? On the product page of a set you can see which LEGO® bricks are in that set.

Do you want to go beyond the standard sets and build your own Technic MOC? Then ToyPro is the LEGO® Technic parts store for you. On the LEGO® Technic parts page you can browse subcategories such as axles, connectors and couplings. You can also filter by size to find the Technic pieces you need. You can also search by LEGO® Design ID and Element ID. If you are searching for LEGO® Technic gear, motor or engine parts, you will find them in our online store.

With every purchase you earn ToyPro credits. With these credits you save for a nice discount on your next purchase. If something goes wrong with your order, our customer service will quickly solve it for you. Finally, our employees ensure that you receive your order quickly.

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