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Can I buy LEGO® minifigures separately? Yes, you can. Here you can find the LEGO® heroes from the different LEGO® themes.

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LEGO® minifig Indiana Jones
LEGO Indiana Jones
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LEGO® minifig Marion Ravenwood
LEGO Marion Ravenwood
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LEGO® minifig Sallah
LEGO Sallah
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LEGO® minifig Akator Skeleton
LEGO Akator Skeleton
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LEGO® minifig Soyona Santos
LEGO Soyona Santos
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LEGO® minifig Mummy
LEGO Mummy
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LEGO® minifig Irina Spalko
LEGO Irina Spalko
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LEGO® minifig Professor Henry Jones Sr.
LEGO Professor Henry Jones Sr.
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LEGO® minifig Fighter pilot
LEGO Fighter pilot
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LEGO® minifig Indiana Jones - Dark Brown Jacket, Reddish Brown Dual Molded…
LEGO Indiana Jones - Dark Brown Jacket, Reddish Brown Dual Molded…
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LEGO® minifig Rene Belloq - Tan Jacket
LEGO Rene Belloq - Tan Jacket
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LEGO® minifig Hovitos Warrior
LEGO Hovitos Warrior
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LEGO® minifig Satipo - Shirt and Belt
LEGO Satipo - Shirt and Belt
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LEGO® Indiana Jones minifigures

Collect all the characters from the classic Indiana Jones movies as LEGO® minifigures. Join Indiana Jones, his allies and his enemies on their exciting adventures around the world. Are you looking for Indiana Jones himself, or other characters like Soyona Santos or Irina Spalko? You can find them all at ToyPro! ToyPro has a large assortment available with LEGO® Indiana Jones minifigures, parts, as well as sets. In short you will find everything you need to build your Indiana Jones world in one place at ToyPro.

Collecting LEGO® Indiana Jones minifigs

Do you want to collect all LEGO® Indiana Jones minifigures? At ToyPro you can buy all Indiana Jones figures separately. The LEGO® Indiana Jones minifigures are sure to please fans of the LEGO® brand and Indiana Jones movies. As such, these LEGO® minifigures are an important part of the Indiana Jones world and are sought-after collectibles. The Indiana Jones minifigures can be recognized by the iconic look that is reflected in the LEGO® Indiana Jones dolls. In addition to the main characters from the movies, LEGO® has also released minifigures of lesser-known, but equally fun characters from the Indiana Jones universe. So you can also collect characters such as Cairo Swordsman, the Temple Guard and the Germen Mechanic. Each LEGO® Indiana Jones minifigure allows you to expand your Indiana Jones world, giving you even more opportunities to reenact your favorite scenes and have your own adventures.

Indiana Jones LEGO® spare parts

Are you looking for LEGO® Indiana Jones individual parts? Look no further! ToyPro has a large assortment of loose parts for your favorite characters and vehicles. Whether you're looking for a new weapon for Indiana Jones himself, or a cool accessory for his trusty sidekick Short Round, you'll find it all at ToyPro. Are you missing some parts of your LEGO® Indiana Jones set? You can find and order these very easily on our loose LEGO® parts page. Just enter the set number, LEGO ID number, part number or even the color of the missing part and we'll show you exactly what you need to complete your set. With a wide selection of accessories and parts, you can create the ultimate Indiana Jones world with LEGO®.

Buy LEGO® parts and minifigures at ToyPro

Did you lose a part or something broke a minifigure while playing? That can always happen. Fortunately, at ToyPro you can find LEGO® parts, stickers and minifigures to make your LEGO® Indiana Jones set complete again. So you can keep playing and having adventures with Indiana Jones, Irina Spalko, Akator Skeleton and many more minifigures. Do you know the number of the set whose parts you are missing? Then you can very easily type it in on the parts page. We will then give you results with all the parts that are in the set. You can also search by color, LEGO® ID number or the name of a part. In short, at ToyPro you will find everything to complete your LEGO® Indiana Jones set!

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