Create your own music videos with LEGO®! It is now possible with the new theme VIDYO. Choose your music, dance along with minifigures and have a blast. Read all about LEGO® VIDYO here and make your own music video soon.


VIDIYO is a LEGO® theme consisting of physical sets and a free app. VIDIYO is a collaboration between LEGO® and the Universal Music Group. The music you can find in the app is from the library of the Universal Music Group.

In the LEGO® VIDIYO sets you will find minifigures and BeatBits that you can build and scan via the app. The minifigures let you play along in your own music video and BeatBits provide special effects. Choose a song, invent a clip, or just go crazy. Record it with your smartphone and with the help of augmented reality the app turns it into a real music video.

Not satisfied? Then simply edit your video clip. You can share your creation in the app with others. Before your video is uploaded, it is moderated by LEGO®. For example, no children's faces may appear in the videos that are publicly available. Children are therefore removed from the videos by LEGO®. Also, the videos stay within the app and are not downloadable. This makes the LEGO® VIDIYO app safe for children to use. With this new theme, LEGO® and the Universal Music Group want to stimulate children's creativity and increase their passion for music.

Making music, short video clips, sharing them through the app? Does this sound familiar? Yes, LEGO® has created a TikTok alternative. The big advantage of LEGO® VIDIYO is that it provides a safe online environment for children. In addition, it offers the opportunity to do even more fun things with LEGO®. As with all themes, VIDIYO is compatible with other LEGO®.

Download LEGO® VIDIYO app

The free app is available from Google Play and the App Store.

Download LEGO® VIDIYO for Android

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