LEGO® Minifigure parts

Do you want to create your own LEGO® figure and are you searching for loose minifigure parts and pieces? ToyPro is the online LEGO® store for LEGO® heads, hair, bodies, arms, legs, hats and all kind of accessories. You can order just the pieces that you need! In this way you can build your own custom LEGO® minifigure.

You can search on our webshop on search terms and ID’s. You can also browse through hundreds of difference LEGO® minifig parts. Are you missing a part from a set, but don’t you know exactly which piece? On a page for a set you can find which minifigures and parts that set consists of.

ToyPro is the number 1 online store for loose LEGO® pieces and minifigures. We have currently over 20,000 unique LEGO® parts and more than 3,500 different minifigures in stock. We offer fast delivery and great service. Moreover, you receive ToyPro credits with every order, saving you discounts for your next purchase.

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