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LEGO® history - The Minifigure

May 12, 2022



This year LEGO® celebrates its 90th anniversary and ToyPro of course its 10-year anniversary. Enough reason to go back in time and take a look at the great products and components that LEGO® has released. First we look at the Minifigure as this name is used internationally. These dolls were designed in the 70's by Jens Nygaard Knudsen who worked as a designer for LEGO® in Billund, Denmark from 1968 to 2000. In order to come up with some sort of minifigure, Jens Nygaard first made a few prototypes.


The very first Minifigures looked nothing like the minifigures we know today. These very first minifigures came out in 1975 and consisted of 4 to 5 parts, the legs with feet to the side, possibly a 1 x 2 plate as a waist/strap, on top of that a torso where the arms were part of the torso, on top of that a yellow head without a face and a cap, cowboy hat or hair with braids on the side. (These hairs are still available by the way).

In 1978 LEGO® introduced the minifigure as we know it today. These consisted of a lower body with two movable legs at a hip joint, an upper body, two loose arms in one piece, two loose hands (mostly yellow) and a head with a face. This was a face made of two black dots as eyes and a curved line as a mouth. In 1979, a male hairstyle was introduced for the dolls and they no longer always had to wear a cap.


From 1989 onwards, LEGO® introduced more different facial expressions to the pirates for the first time and also some pirates had a "wooden" leg or a hook as a hand. More innovations came in 1990 when the dress for the female figures was introduced and the first Glow in the Dark figure was released in the form of a ghost. In 1993, the first figure was released with a loose beard that could be placed between the head and torso.

R2-D2 minifigures

From 2001 onwards, the heads received a new update in the form of a double print, giving you two facial expressions on a head. This allowed you to make your LEGO® doll laugh or be startled by turning its head.

In 2002 the first LEGO character with short legs was released, this was again with a Star Wars character namely Yoda. These shorter legs cannot bend unlike the normal legs as they are made out of one piece.

Yoda minifigures

It was already 2004 when LEGO® decided to deliver all licensed minifigures with the corresponding "normal" color heads of the character and no longer everything with a yellow head.

Harry Potter minifigures

When LEGO® started publishing board games in 2009 and they wanted a pawn in the shape of a minifigure for them, they had to design something new, because the original size of a minifigure was too big. They did this by making a one-piece figure with or without print. This figure was 1 x 1 wide, and two bricks high.

LEGO® noticed that the minifigures were being collected more and more often, and in 2010 brought out the first minifigures collectible series. This series consisted of 16 different minifigures, each with one or more accessories. Since then, LEGO® has released several series of collectible minifigures per year. The nice thing about these series is that you don't know beforehand which minifigure you will get, because it is packed in a non-transparent bag. So every time you open a package, it's a surprise which minifigure is inside.


In the second Collectible series, another new size minifig came out. The smallest one so far: the Nanofigure. This figure served as a "prize" for the karate figure in that series. nowadays these nano figures are also often used in sets as a minifigure for your minifigure. Or as a minifigure for sets with a smaller scale than is normally used, like Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter.

Last we go to 2016 because 2016 finally saw the "birth" of the first LEGO® baby. This addition to the LEGO® minifigure family consists of two parts the head and the body. Meanwhile, this little figure is no longer indispensable in the minifig family. There is even a baby Yoda figure.

Baby minifigures

LEGO® Figures

Everyone in the world knows what LEGO® people look like. Over the past 40 years, LEGO® has released more than 8,000 different minifigures. And this doesn’t even include the DUPLO® figures. Usually LEGO® minifigures are released together with a set, but LEGO® also releases special collectible minifigure series.

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