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Build a Ferrari F1 Alternate from set 76906

May 11, 2022



The Formula 1 season is back in full swing and this year Ferrari is back in full force. Reason enough to show another nice Formula 1 Ferrari moc. This one is made with parts from set 76906 - 1970 Ferrari 512 M. And is made by MOC creator N2Brick. Watch the video below to see how you can assemble it step by step.

In the tutorial video YouTuber N2Brick shows you step by step how to build a cool LEGO® Ferrari F1 car with the 1970 Ferrari 512 M LEGO® bricks. Are you looking for more original alternates? On the N2Brick YouTube channel you can find a lot of alternative models for official LEGO® kits.

Formula 1 is getting more popular every year and gains more fans. This is also reflected in the LEGO® sets that have been released recently like the LEGO® 42141 McLaren Formula 1 and the 76909 Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance & Mercedes-AMG Project One. But for the longest time LEGO® has had a partnership with Ferrari. In the past a lot of lego sets have been released with Formula 1 cars of that brand. It is one of the most iconic brands from the past and present. If you still want to build one of the sets from the past you can of course have a look at the LEGO® Ferrari sets and find the parts of the old sets including the building instructions. Of course we also have individual LEGO® parts with Ferrari printing. Or are you looking for a complete pit crew, engineers or drivers of Ferrari? We have them too, in minifigure format.

Did you like this article and are you interested in more Formula 1 LEGO®? Then also read our article 3 Formula 1 alternative builds with free building instructions. And do you like fast cars? The LEGO® theme Speed Champions offers fast LEGO® cars from different car brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Ford, Chevrolet and McLaren. These LEGO® cars are usually a bit smaller and simpler than LEGO® Technic cars, but therefore often more accessible and more friendly priced.

ToyPro has a wide range of LEGO® Speed Champions sets at competitive prices. In addition, at ToyPro you can also buy individual LEGO® Speed Champions minifigures and order separate parts from sets. The loose parts of a set can be found on the product page or in our LEGO® loose parts page.

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