Volvo Articulated Hauler GBC 47 Mill Madness Alternate Build

June 22, 2022



Do you have the LEGO® Volvo Articulated Hauler (42114) and would you like to build something else? Then we have a very cool GBC (Great Ball Contraption) Build for you. The team of PV-Productions made this Volvo 6 x 6 Truck a great ball track.

It has never been easier to build a complete Great Ball Contraption (GBC) barrel yourself! This great LEGO® model features multiple GBC modules that all work in harmony to create a complete loop so the ball flow will never end. This GBC is completely built using only parts from the LEGO® 6×6 Volvo Articulated Hauler and can be referred to as an Alternate Build from the 42114. Building this GBC will allow you to master the GBC building techniques and tricks so that you can eventually build your own GBCs. The entire machine is powered by multiple LEGO® motors that come with the LEGO® 42114 set and the entire machine is controlled and programmed via the official LEGO® Powered Up App.

The star of the show is definitely the large Windmill with 4 blades that rotate up to 50 cm high. With great control and precision, a motor drives the 4 blades in a smooth counter-clockwise motion. Each blade is slightly tilted forward just like a real windmill. Apart from the great look, this also provides 3 handy advantages. First, each blade will pick up one GBC ball at a time at the bottom of the module. Because of the forward tilt of the blade, the ball will not fall off. Secondly, when the blade is turned horizontally, it will force the GBC balls to roll towards the centre of the drive shaft. Finally, they will be held until the blade is pointed upwards, where the GBC Ball will roll off the blade. From there, the GBC Bullets will hit 3 green targets and go to the Watermill Module. The 12-spoke Watermill Module is completely powered by the GBC Balls themselves! Only gravity pulls the GBC Balls down, causing the mill to spin. The axis of the watermill is connected to a mechanism to imitate a real machine. Although the GBC Balls are quite light, they can make heavy machines move! How cool is that!

Now the GBC Balls are lined up for the Triple Cardan Gear Lift. This module consists of 3 perfectly synchronised arms that pick up 2 GBC Balls at a time and roll them to the next arm. It is very satisfying to see this action happening in front of you and the mechanism ensures that the arms rotate in a relatively compact space.

If you can't wait to make this GBC yourself, you can buy the instructions on the website of PV-Productions. You can then get straight to work because you don't need any extra parts for this GBC. But if you want to make it even more fun and exciting, you can also add a funnel like the Gravity Well or the Turbo Spin for a great spectacle.

Want to design your own GBC? The LEGO® Technic sets are perfect to make a GBC. At ToyPro we are big fans of the GBC's of PV-Productions. We would like to share them with our readers! We already wrote about GBC 44&43 Rocking Raiser & Scoop Loupe, GBC 41&42 LEGO® Excavator and GBC 40 Tippy Tilt Trays. We'd like to thank PV-Productions again for this new GBC and if you're curious to see more, be sure to check out his website!

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