Treasure Hunt part 5

June 21, 2022



We are already halfway through our Treasure Hunt action period so it is time for the 5th part of our Treasure Hunt and for that we have some nice prizes to give away. This time it are prizes from the LEGO® Friends series. So hurry up and look for the hidden pictures. Between all LEGO® parts, sets and minifigures we have hidden 10 of these pictures:


Have you found one of these images? Click on the image you have found and fill in the details requested on the Treasure Hunt reply page. You now have 5 months left to find all the pictures. Already found a picture? Submit your results immediately for a chance to win the monthly prize or a nice consolation prize. This way you have a chance to win great prizes every month. So search carefully between all parts, minifigures and sets. Because you never know where the pictures might pop up.

Did you find all 10 pictures? CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a chance of winning the main prize which will be raffled off at the end of the year among all the people who have found all 10 hidden pictures. So what are you waiting for? Happy hunting!

The following are the winners from last period:

The LEGO® City Ice Cream Truck Police Chase (60314) goes to:

  • Stefano Riente

The consolation prizes, a Lego® City Keychain and LEGO® erasers were won by:

  • Marc Schneider
  • Michael Nowotny
  • Machiel Lucker
  • Tim Winkler
  • H.P.M. van Etten
  • Henk Veldman
  • Xavier Escoto
  • Aurélie Chassin
  • Jonathan Hilaire
  • Emanuela Rosa

Congratulations to all! The winners will all receive an email. For the coming period, we have the following prizes to win, so hurry up and find the hidden pictures on our website!

Prizes 21 June to 20 July:

The prize of the month is:

The LEGO® Friends Magical Funfair Stalls (41687)

10 X Consolation prize:

A LEGO® Friends keychain and LEGO® Friends Friendship bracelets

Grand Prize:

Lottery on 21 December among all entrants who found all ten hidden pictures:

2 Day tickets for a LEGOLAND® Park of your choice.

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