Build a Medieval Barn

August 2, 2022



Just a little while longer and it will finally be for sale, the great LEGO® Lions Knight's Castle. And we have found the perfect addition for this castle. Namely a medieval barn. This barn was designed by a real LEGO Master, namely Marin, a finalist of Lego Masters France. And we are delighted to share his creation with you.

The structure is made on a 12 x 8 base plate and can be opened and closed by the hinge, so you can easily see all the great little details on the inside. So go ahead and download the instructions below.

Medieval Barn building instructions

If you want to know which parts are needed to build this barn, you can find the parts list here and you can easily order the necessary bricks.

Marin & Alexandre competed together in the second season of LEGO® Masters France where after an exciting and nerve-racking final they just missed out on the top prize and came second. But that Marin is a worthy LEGO® Master can certainly be seen in his creations. So be sure to check out his Instagram page or his Rebrickable page for even more LEGO® ideas.

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