Light up as you see fit

September 22, 2022

Light up as you see fit


From now on, you can also buy individual lighting parts at ToyPro. This way you can completely light up your LEGO® construction as you see fit. You can even add sound and other effects. So let your imagination run wild and let your LEGO® creation come to life at night too. These LEGO® lights are specially designed to fit under or between LEGO® parts. Of course, there are different types and sizes of lighting and we will highlight them below.

Dot lighting

These lights are so small that they even fit under a 1x1 brick. These lights are available in different colors and with cable lengths of 15 or 30 CM. There is also a flashing variant. There are 3 lights per package. The cable can be connected to a 8-Port Expansion Boards (3 pack) to which you can also connect a USB connector. You can also connect the lights to various function modules.

Strip lights

Strip lights are available in two different sizes so they fit perfectly under a 1x4 or a 1x6 LEGO® board. Connect several strips together using the connecting cables. These in turn can be connected to an Extension board or function module. For power, you can use a battery box or you can connect them to an USB adapter using a USB connector. The strip lights are available in various colors and come with an adhesive strip. packed per 3 pieces.

Ring lights


These lights come in two sizes, one with a diameter of 1.7 cm and one with a diameter of 2 cm both types have a hole in the middle of 0.6 cm and are available with cable lengths of 15 and 30 cm in white and warm white light. packed per 2. You also connect these to an 12-Port Expansion Boards (3 pack). To then reconnect to a power supply.

Rotating lights

These lights give a flashing light effect and are available in 5 colors. These lights fit perfectly under a 2x2 round brick. These lights have a cable length of 15 cm and are packed per two pieces. To power the rotating lights, it is best to use a USB adapter or power bank as these lights use just a bit more power.

Bendable LED strips

Our bendable LED strips are available in 8 different colous and are packed per 3. These strips have a length of 10 cm and come with an adhesive strip. you can use connecting cables to connect the lights to an 6-Port Expansion Boards (3 pack) module or directly to a power source.

RGB lighting

The RGB lighting can be changed to different colors by connecting it to the RGB module or the Light Zone module. you do this with the special RGB connection cables that are available in Connecting Cables 15cm (3 pack) and Connecting Cables 30cm (3 pack). The RGB lighting itself is available RGB Strip Lights 5cm (3 pack) or Multi Colour RGB Light Strips 38cm (2 pack). if you want to connect multiple strips to a port, you will need the RGB extension boards.

Street lamps

To light up your LEGO® city we have a Street Light Warm White which has a warm white bulb built in. This lantern has a cable of about 20 cm and can be connected to an extension board to be reconnected to a power supply.

Function modules

If you want additional effects such as flashing the lights or want to add sound, we have several options for that. Modules are available to easily control the lights with a remote control. Car sound modules and more. Take a look here.


Would you like to give your minifigures a "real" lightsaber? Then we have 13 different types each with a different colour or effect. Attached to these lightsabers is a cable of about 45cm with a USB connection. so you can connect them, for example, to a battery box.

Other loose lighting accessories

Last of all, we have several battery boxes to power everything, USB extension cables with 1 to 7 outputs, USB hubs and starter sets to light up cars or buildings. We even have a Tweezers For Picking Out Lighting Cables to place or connect small lights.

If you want to browse through all the individual parts, check out this dedicated LEGO® lighting parts page.

We ourselves are very excited about the possibilities of these lights and already have lots of ideas for a few MOCs. We are also very curious to see what you guys are going to make with it. If you have made something yourself that you want to share with us, please use the hashtag #toyprobuilds on social media and tag us in your post. We wish you lots of fun building!

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