Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal

November 24, 2022



Once again this year, we have a great ToyPro Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal for you. ToyPro is offering a whopping 15% discount on all LEGO® parts and minifigures. Do you need a lot of parts for a MOC you want to build? Or do you want to add minifigures to your collection? Then read on quickly to find out how you can benefit from this promotion.

You get a whopping 15% off the total amount of your purchase excluding shipping costs with this promotion when you use the code BFCM2022. The exclusive discount is valid on parts and minifigures! Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotion is valid from 25 November 00:00 CET to 28 November 23:59 CET.

Are you (re)building a MOC, lost a few parts from a set or are you saving LEGO® dolls? ToyPro is the number one webshop for LEGO® parts and minifigures. We have more than 20,000 LEGO® parts and over 3,200 LEGO® minifigures in stock. We have neatly categorised these for you. For example, you can browse LEGO® Star Wars minifigures, car parts, LEGO® train parts, Ninjago dolls and LEGO® Batman minifigures. Did you know that you can also order the loose parts of minifigures at ToyPro?

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