Lego Minifigures Series 24

January 18, 2023



Are you collecting them already? The LEGO® collectible minifigures series 24 are here! and what a fun series it has become again.  There are 12 characters, including football referee, fan in T. rex suit and potter, each with a cool accessory. They make a great addition to your minifigure collection.

It's fun to collect them and complete the whole series. But then, how will you display them so everyone can see which cool figures you have? Of course, you can just put them down but we have a fun alternative so they each have a little habitat. And of course, our ideas are to inspire you to create your own fun environments for your own minifigures. All Living Environments are built on an 8 x 8 board with a wall on two sides. Of course, the colors and construction are adapted to the minifigure.

We start with the Football Referee. We gave her a small football field with goal and stand. For this we used the following parts, among others: Goal, Field and for the grandstand a 1x2 tile with Star Wars computer printing.


Then we have the Robot Warrior, it comes jumping through a portal made up of several transparent blue sheets and we tried to give extra effect with transparent blue flames. Adding a yellow fence makes the whole thing look industrial.


For the astronaut with baby astronaut, we created a small space shuttle that includes a small shuttle tail and space wing. So this little astronaut can already fly around.


At our market stall, we naturally encounter the Carrot mascot. The market stall is partially built into the wall. The crates are fixed with a hinge and the top is made of 4 x 1 roof tiles. And of course, you can fill the crates with different fruits and vegetables.


Do you recognise the classic yellow castle we made for the female knight with her bird of prey? We made the round towers with curved bricks with a 1 x 1 x 1 ⅔ brick behind them with studs on the sides to secure them.We did give this small version of the castle two nice roofs for on the towers. Which of course the original castle didn't have.


We put the fan in the T-rex costume in a nice green setting. Because of the leaves, this structure gets some more depth. Furthermore, you can build a whole jungle with different plants.


The Orc feels completely at home in this grey cave. By using slopes you can create a gap in the walls. And we've added lava flow for some colour.


Between the bamboo shoots and leaves you can find the koala. and luckily the caretaker is around to keep an eye on it. Also in this scene, we added several leaves and made bamboo shoots from green lego candles and a plants trunk.


We arrived at the Pottery. We mainly decorated this one nicely with various pots, bowls and cups. We fixed the shelves into the wall. These are made of 2 x 3 boards.


At the dressing table with mirror we find the Rococo Aristocrat. The dressing table got its curled legs with the adapted 1x1 stones. and of course the dog is allowed ok on the dressing table. That way he can also check if all the hair is still in place.


What a cute rocking horse this little girl has in her nursery. She can enjoy looking outside through the window while rocking. The curtains are made of a 1x3 sheet, clip, a so-called cheese slope and a curved slope.


At last, we placed the newsboy at the corner of a street. We used several adapted 2x2 plates on top of each other and placed an extra newspaper on top. Made an extra supply of newspapers for the boy to sell. furthermore, we also made a small fire hydrant including a headlight stone.


This completes the collectible series 24! And do you want to stack the different habitats? Then make sure you have a stud on top of the walls at the corners as you can see in the pictures. This allows them to be stacked. However, you do need some reinforcement at the back. We ourselves solved this by means of a support pillar with 2 plates underneath.

So collect all the Minifigures and complete your collection. We are also very curious to see what you make yourselves. So tag us in an Instagram post @toypro.com_lego or on facebook with @toypro.bricks.

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