Valentine's Day Ideas

January 25, 2023



With just over two weeks to go, it will be 14 February and Valentine's Day. So it's time to start thinking about what to give your great love on this day. We have already gathered some nice ideas for you. So read on so you won't be late with a nice LEGO® gift.

Naturally, you can surprise your valentine with a ready-made Lego set. So of course you have the 10280 Flower Bouquet, and soon also the LEGO® wildflower bouquet 10313 and the LEGO® dried flowers table arrangement 10314. There are also the somewhat smaller polybags that contain flowers such as the 30411 Chocolate Box & Flower polybag and the 30417 Garden Flower and Butterfly Polybag. Our site also features various instructions and parts lists from sets that are unfortunately no longer on sale. For example, how about the 40085 Valentines Teddy Bear.


And of course, it's even more fun to put something together yourself. That way you can make it even more personal. For example, you can already make a heart with just two parts, part of which you can both carry with you. You can do this with the adapted 3x2 plate with hole. By passing a chain through the hole, you can wear the lego stone around your neck. And clicking them together completes the heart. These LEGO® parts come in lots of different colors so there's sure to be your great love's favorite color among them.


Last year, of course, we also wrote about Valentine's Day and back then we showed a cool video to make your own flowers out of LEGO®. Read that article again here: 'Celebrate Valentine's Day 2022 with ...... LEGO®'.

Then it only remains for us to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day!

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