Build a LEGO® Noo Noo

March 15, 2023

Build a LEGO® Noo Noo


With the relaunch of the Teletubbies on Netflix, the series is once again popular among young viewers and many of us will also know the series from the past. In the series, there was also a character who cleaned up all the Teletubbies' junk and that was Noo Noo. We have now created Noo Noo in a LEGO version. This does come in the classic blue color as he was seen in the old series. Nowadays, Noo Noo has a pink, gold and orange color. And unfortunately, the parts we used for our Noo Noo are not yet available in those colors.


Do you also want to make Noo Noo from LEGO® then you can find the building instructions here. And if you want to order do parts to make Noo Noo you can find them here.

About Noo Noo

Noo Noo is a vacuum cleaner that rides on wheels and is designed with a friendly face and a movable vacuum cleaner mouth. It collects the clutter and makes the world of the Teletubbies clean and tidy. Although Noo Noo is often considered a simple and insignificant character, it is in fact an integral part of the show. It provides the Teletubbies with the necessary support and care they need to live and play in harmony in their fantastical world. Noo Noo is a favorite character among children and adults and has a large number of fans around the world. It is known for its friendly and playful personality, and it is always willing to help and serve. Noo Noo is thus an indispensable character in the world of the Teletubbies and remains a popular and beloved figure among young and old alike. A symbol of kindness, caring and cooperation, it remains a lasting reminder of the magic of this classic children's series.

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