Easter is coming

March 21, 2023

Easter is coming


In a while it will be Easter already, so it's time for cute rabbits, Easter eggs and other fun Easter scenes. We have gathered the cutest Easter sets or sets that go well with Easter.


LEGO® Rabbits

First we have the fun LEGO® Easter Bunnies (40523), this special Easter set consists of 288 bricks that together form two bunnies in a springtime meadow. Furthermore, you can create 3 flowers and 5 colorful Easter eggs that you can place on the model to your heart's content. This fun set is a perfect Easter gift. Want to make a bigger rabbit? Then the new LEGO® Creator 3in1 set White Rabbit (31133) is a lot of fun. Because with this set you can not only build a rabbit. The rabbit has an adjustable head, mouth, legs and ears and 2 different snacks: a carrot and a flower. Are you done building the rabbit and want to make something else you can make two more models: a beautiful cockatoo eating seeds, or a cute white seal with a fish as a snack.

LEGO® Flowers

Now there are also other beautiful LEGO® sets that go well with Easter, and these are of course sets with flowers. Then you immediately think of the LEGO® bouquets like the new wild flower bouquet (10313) or the somewhat older flower bouquet (10280). But you can also get nice Polybags with a beautiful flower, the LEGO® Garden Flower and Butterfly Polybag (30417) or the LEGO® Chocolate Box & Flower polybag (30411). Of course, these little polybags make another great Easter gift.

LEGO® Easter parts

If you want to make your own LEGO® Easter creation or MOC (My Own Creation) then of course ToyPro.com has lots of loose parts that fit perfectly into an Easter scene. We have a lot of LEGO® rabbits and a lot of LEGO® flower parts.



We released two MOCs of a hedgehog and a bunny last year. Of course, these also fit perfectly into the Easter season. For these MOCs you can download the instructions for free and we have the parts list for you so you can easily recreate them. The article of the LEGO® hedgehog can be found here. If you want to build the LEGO® bunny, you can find that article here.

We hope to have inspired you and wish you a very happy Easter season!

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