LEGO Star Wars - Battle of Geonosis Diorama

March 29, 2023

LEGO Star Wars - Battle of Geonosis Diorama


Star Wars fans, we have another beautiful Diorama For you! This time it is the scene of the battle of Geonosis. And this diorama was created by the amazing MOC creator hachiroku24 And we've written about his Moc's many times before, as he makes every single one of the most beautiful display models from LEGO®.

The landscape of this diorama may look a bit dull but that's just the way it is on the planet Geonosis. But the Hailfire Droid and the loose minifigures make everything come alive. Also used in the Hailfire Droid are parts that are quite new. Namely, the round Technic parts are from the avatar helicopter. Do you have any ideas of your own to use this part? They can be ordered separately at

About Hachiroku24

Hachiroku24 is a talented Lego MOC (My Own Creation) creator known for his detailed and realistic builds. He has a large online following and regularly shares his creations on various social media platforms. His constructions range from cars and motorcycles to buildings and even spacecraft. What sets Hachiroku24 apart from other MOC makers is his attention to detail and his ability to perfect the smallest aspects of his models. His work is an inspiration to both novice and experienced Lego builders, and he continues to amaze the Lego community with his unique and innovative creations. Want to see more from him? Watch and follow him on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. About The Battle of Geonosis

The Battle of Geonosis is one of the most iconic moments in the Star Wars saga. It marked the beginning of the Clone Wars and was the first major confrontation between the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance. The Battle of Geonosis took place in the arena of the planet Geonosis, in which Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, his apprentice Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala were held captive by the Separatists. The Republic sent an army to rescue them, and it soon became clear that the Separatists planned to execute the Jedi as part of their plan to overthrow the Republic.

The battle itself was an epic spectacle with a huge variety of vehicles, weapons and characters taking part in the fight. Jedi masters such as Mace Windu and Yoda fought alongside Clone Troopers against droids and Separatist soldiers as the action spread from the arena to the surrounding desert. The Battle of Geonosis also had important political and cultural implications for the Star Wars galaxy. It was the first time the Republic went to war openly, and it showed that the Separatists were a serious problem. It was also an important moment for the Jedi Order because it forced them to give up their neutrality and participate in the war. In short, the Battle of Geonosis is an unforgettable moment in the Star Wars saga and one of the most exciting battles in the film series. It marked the beginning of a new phase in Star Wars history and set the tone for the rest of the Clone Wars.

LEGO® Star Wars Minifigures

Collecting Lego Star Wars minifigures is a popular hobby among Star Wars fans and Lego enthusiasts. It is a fun way to expand your collection and collect your favorite characters from the Star Wars movies.

There are different ways to collect Lego Star Wars minifigures. Some people choose to buy complete sets that include the minifigures, while others prefer to buy individual minifigures to complete their collection. And, of course, the latter can be done at Just take a look at our dedicated LEGO® Star Wars Minifigures page. There you can find our large collection of loose Minifigs.

Some collectors focus specifically on rare or exclusive minifigures, while others simply enjoy collecting all the minifigures available. There are also collectors who focus on creating special scenes or displays using their minifigures. Collecting Lego Star Wars minifigures is not only a fun hobby, but can also be an investment, as some rare minifigures can increase in value as time passes. So it is not surprising that collecting these tiny figures has become a passion for many fans around the world.

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