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LEGO® art has become increasingly popular over the years, especially among adults. LEGO® artists use their imagination and creativity to create the most amazing and complex works of art. Most LEGO® artworks are three-dimensional sculptures of characters, vehicles, buildings and other objects. But LEGO® art goes beyond creating sculptures. Artists have also used LEGO® building blocks to create paintings, mosaics and even abstract works of art.

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LEGO® art is not only a great way to stimulate people's imagination and creativity, it can also be an excellent way to incorporate art into education. For example, through LEGO® art, children can learn about geometry, scale, color theory and even history. Every year there are LEGO® art exhibitions around the world, where LEGO® artists exhibit their works and share their creative process. These exhibitions always attract great interest and contribute to the growing awareness of LEGO® art as an art form. All in all, LEGO® art offers a fascinating way to combine creativity and art. Whether creating sculptures, paintings or mosaics, LEGO® artists have the freedom to unleash their imagination and create the most amazing works of art with these iconic building blocks.

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Now LEGO® itself has already released several sets to hang on the wall. These fall under the theme of LEGO® Art. And includes various mosaic artwork of Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, The Beatles and Andy Warhol, among others. We wrote about the LEGO® Art collection and how building it can be very relaxing before. And you can read that again here.

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LEGO® Display models

Also, LEGO® is increasingly releasing real so-called display models. These models aimed mainly at adults are always a nice challenge to build. And when they are finished they are perfect to put in the living room to show everyone. If you are a real Star Wars fan, there are dioramas of famous scenes from the movies such as the Death Star Trench Run (75329) or the Jedi training on Dagobah (75330). Or how about The Mighty Bowser (71411) for the Nintendo fan. All of these are models that are worth seeing.

Put your LEGO® in the spotlight


Want to put your display models or LEGO® art even more in the spotlight? Then check out our collection of Led lighting sets that are specially manufactured for different sets. This way you can enjoy your LEGO® models day and night. You can also order separate lighting parts for your own creations at This way you give your MOC the attention it deserves and light up the details even more beautifully. So get started soon and show everyone your LEGO® works of art.


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