50 Ways to Open a LEGO Box

May 23, 2023

50 Ways to Open a LEGO Box


Cut open, tear, press or something else. How do you open your new LEGO® set? In danibobstudios' video, you can see as many as 50 different ways to open a LEGO® box.

We do recommend using the normal ways to open a LEGO® box. Because obviously this video is made for entertainment and not meant to be taken seriously. So do not go to work with torches or drills to open your own LEGO® boxes either. We found it very funny to see what suggestions were also made to open the boxes. And some even work quite nicely. But cutting the sticker or pushing the box in the indicated places will still be the easiest.

In any case, we thank Dani from danibobstudios for sharing this video. And be sure to check out her YouTube channel, there are many more great videos there. You can also follow her on Tiktok- and Instagram-.

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