LEGO® Rocket League Stadium

June 6, 2023

LEGO® Rocket League Stadium


Build a Rocket League stadium just like Riley from Brick Science with controllable cars from LEGO®. You'll need some space and a lot of LEGO® parts. But then you have something. Take a quick look at how he put this big project together.

As you have seen, sometimes things go wrong when building such a big project. Or while building it you may find out that something works better in another way. You may also come across a completely different approach that you didn't think of before. Also, you may have heard Riley tell you in the long run that building LEGO® sets can give you ideas to tackle problems.

RL 1

About Brick Science

We would like to thank Riley again for sharing this entertaining and inspiring video. On his social media channels, he still shows many fun and crazy ideas. And so we definitely recommend you to watch his other videos and follow him on his YouTube. You can also follow him on TikTok and Instagram.

Want to get started making a big stadium like this yourself, but don't have enough baseplates? You can of course order those at You can also find different motors and remote controls to make a remote controlled car.

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About LEGO® Technic

Technic is the theme for LEGO® fans who like to build ingenious, moving sets. LEGO® Technic creations are full of inventive building techniques that simulate reality. LEGO® Technic is therefore an advanced theme, but also suitable for slightly older children with an interest in technology.

At ToyPro you will find a wide collection of LEGO® Technic sets with which you can build cars (including super cars), trucks, ships, cranes and helicopters.

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