LEGO® 76385 Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class


  • Brand: LEGO
  • Theme: Harry Potter
  • Ages: 8 - 99
  • Total parts: 256
  • Launch Date: 01-07-2022
  • Weight: 370 gram
  • Dimensions: 26,20cm x 19,10cm x 6,10cm
  • EAN code: 5702016913491
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Description LEGO® Harry Potter: Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class

Open this magical, brick-built playbook and you’ll enter Professor Flitwick’s Hogwarts™ Charms class! Join Harry Potter™ and Cho Chang as the Head of Ravenclaw™ House stands on a pile of books so everyone can see him. Grab your spell book and use the feather to practise the levitation charm – Wingardium Leviosa!

  • LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Moment: Charms Class (76385) is a brick-built playbook that opens to reveal Professor Flitwick’s spell-casting lesson from the Harry Potter movies
  • Includes Harry Potter™, Cho Chang and Professor Flitwick minifigures, blackboard, bookshelf, fireplace, spell book and lots of authentic accessories
  • Kids open the cover to enter Professor Flitwick's Charms lesson. There are lots of magical supplies to practise with and lots of fun accessories to extend the play even more
  • For ages 8 and up. An enchanting treat for young witches and wizards looking for a different way to enjoy Harry Potter™ excitement
  • This magical Hogwarts™ Moment set measures over 5 in. (12 cm) high, 3 in. (8 cm) wide and 1.5 in. (4 cm) deep – perfect for play and display, and easy to carry around
  • Features authentic accessories that kids will recognize from the Harry Potter™ movies, such as a feather and textbook to help students learn the levitation charm
  • There are more sets in the series for kids to collect. Each one recreates a thrilling lesson in a famous Hogwarts™ classroom. The playsets interlock to create a 360-degree environment
  • The wide assortment of LEGO® Harry Potter™ sets is packed with popular characters, cool features and familiar locations from the magical movies. Great gifts to inspire imaginative play
  • LEGO® bricks and pieces meet demanding industry standards to ensure they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart perfectly every time – and it’s been that way since 1958
  • LEGO® sets are rigorously tested to make sure they meet stringent global safety standards

Construction manual 76385

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Minifigures from LEGO® 76385 Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class
LEGO® minifig Cho Chang
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LEGO Cho Chang
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LEGO® minifig Harry Potter
LEGO Harry Potter
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LEGO® minifig Professor Filius Flitwick
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LEGO Professor Filius Flitwick
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Parts from LEGO® 76385 Hogwarts Moment: Charms Class
LEGO® 4613963 Brick 1 x 2
LEGO Brick 1 x 2
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LEGO® 4211063 Plate 1 x 2
LEGO Plate 1 x 2
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LEGO® 4528604 Plate 1 x 2
LEGO Plate 1 x 2
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LEGO® 4210998 Plate 1 x 8
LEGO Plate 1 x 8
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Harry Potter and the magical world of Hogwarts
All children go to school at some point. Even the children with magical powers. But, magic children don't go to a normal muggle school; they go to Hogwarts! There Harry Potter has many adventures together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfidus. They live at the magical castle of Hogwarts and receive magic lessons from Professor Severus Snape, Rubeus, Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore and Minerva Anderling. At the beginning of a school year, the sorting hat assigns students to one of four wards: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravensclaw, and Swadderich. Their favorite sport: Quidditch.

LEGO® Harry Potter

This LEGO® theme is based on the very popular books and movie series of the same name: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. There are 7 Harry Potter books published, 8 movies and already a lot of Harry Potter LEGO® set. The Harry Potter LEGO® theme was first introduced in 2001 and then in 2007, 2010 and 2018. Notable sets in this theme are Hogwarts Castle - LEGO® 71043 and sets like The Clock Tower - LEGO® and The Astronomy Tower - LEGO® 75969, which allow you to recreate the entire landscape of Hogwarts. But don't forget Hogwarts Express - LEGO® 75955 which takes Harry, Ron and Hermione from Platform 9 ¾ of King's Cross station to Hogwarts. Also great fun are the recently released Hogwarts Moments: a buildable book dedicated to one of Hogwarts' magic classes. Collect them all!

LEGO® of Harry Potter at ToyPro

At ToyPro you will not only find lots of Harry Potter LEGO set, but also the loose LEGO® minifigures of Harry and all his friends and enemies. Choose from a wide range of LEGO® Harry Potter minifigures. Lost a part from the Harry Potter construction set? Or, do you want to expand Hogwarts? All necessary LEGO® parts you will also find at ToyPro. Our customers rate ToyPro with a big 9 out of 10. That is why ToyPro is your online shop for all your Harry Potter LEGO® purchases.
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